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June 22, 2011
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Mephisto sat in his office, leisurely tapping his pink pen to some catchy beat humming along in tune. He was finishing up some paper work he had put off earlier in the day to help out Rin. Clad in his pink and purple kimono, he swiveled around in his chair a bit tempted to put off his work even more. If only he wouldn't pay later if he did that. Surely he would not enjoy getting up in the morning to reface the ink and paper monster pile of work tomorrow along with the addition of his next pile of paper work.
Ugh, No. Mephisto sighed unhappily, ceased his tapping, and hunched over the paper work once more. He worked quietly for a few more minutes before a bright light flashed through the room and a low rumbling sound came through the open window behind him. Mephisto completely dropped his pen and swiveled around in his chair looking absolutely giddy. He loved thunder and lightning. But closing the window would be a good idea as the pouring rain and wind began to follow in tow with the storm.
By the time Mephisto got up from his chair, and closed and locked the large windows of his office there were small puddles on the floor beneath his feet. The demon padded his feet playfully in the puddles while he pressed his face up against the window to watch the occurrences outside. He'd just have to deal and do the paper work tomorrow. Which, he mused as he watched the lightning flash across the sky again, was fine as long as he got to enjoy the storm. Which so far he was as the thunder followed the lightning and shook the window his face was pressed against causing him to feel all giddy again.
He watched a tad bit longer before before he was jinxed by a loud continuous knocking came from the front door of his quarters. He twitched slightly and dragged his nails down the window pane leaving faint angry trails on the clean glass. Hissing, he pried himself away from the cool window, turned, and stomped out of his office, down the main hall, down the main stairs, and to the high wide front doors where the knocking still continued. Mephisto hissed still and wrenched the door open expecting to see Yukio or Rin but instead came face to face with someone he wasn't expecting.
"Hey Aniki, It's pouring outside, and I'm all wet, can I come inside?"
Mephisto blinked and stared at the display before him. Amaimon stood infront of him on his front steps sopping wet, hugging Behemoth to his chest. Behemoth was soaked too, shivering fiercely in the demon's arms while Amaimon looked like he was trying his hardest not to shiver as well. He was so wet his 'triangle' was slightly sopping to the side. "Ototo, What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go home. Why are you standing on my doorstep right now? Hm?" Mephisto slightly scolded crossing his arms, shaking his head at the poor display infront of him.
"Well I was gonna go home, but then it started pouring and I don't want to go home in the rain, thunder, and lightning," Amaimon pressed taking a step into Mephisto's quaters starting to drip onto his clean floor to Mephisto's dismay, "Can I stay here til the storm subsides? Please? I'm already soaked and cold and have hypothermia or pneumonia or something." Mephisto kept a straight face announcing bluntly, "You're going to hell. All you have to do to get there is use the keys I gave you. You don't have to walk anywhere."
"I dropped them...?"
"Ugh, Get in here," Mephisto groaned holding the door open wider. Amaimon quickly slipped into Mephisto's quaters before he could change his mind dropping Behemoth starting to take off wet layers and warm up. Behemoth landed on his feet, vigirously shaking back and forth to dry off making Mephisto want to crush the small demon under his bare foot. "I hope you know your gonna be mopping my floors for this you spoiled brat," Mephisto twitched and shook his head saying much more nicely, "Come on. Let's get you into some dry clothes."
Mephisto climbed up the stairs with Amaimon and Behemoth following closely. "Thanks Aniki," Amaimon said now only down to his shorts and button up shirt, tie hanging loosly from his neck, "I'm actually kind of afraid of thunder and lightning, so you're a big help. Your the best big brother I could ever ask for." Mephisto felt a ping of pride in his chest from hearing that. He could have just turned his little brother down but he could never do that to Amaimon. "Yeah, yeah you little suck up," Mephisto was glad that his back was to Amaimon so he couldn't see his smile as he opened the doors to his room, "Start stripping. I'll find you some clothes."
Amaimon walked in and stood awkwardly in the middle of the room while Mephisto walked over to his massive-walk-in-more-like-a-whole-fucking-wing-of-a-house closet. Behemoth seemed to enjoy Mephisto's furry carpet inches from where Amaimon was standing, curling up on it making happy sort of noises. Amaimon watched his little pet a bit before Mephisto walked over with a light green and blue kimono and a raised eyebrow, "I thought I told you to strip, Ototo. You really are going to get hypothermia if you keep those clothes on."
"Huh?" Amaimon looked at him taking the kimono, "I don't want you to see me naked. Mephisto gave his little brother a look before rolling his eyes, "Your kidding right? We both have the same thing! What are you so self concious about?" Amaimon looked at him with a innocent look that still some how looked bland, "Go get Behemoth a towel please, Aniki." Mephisto gave his brother the 'are-you-serious' look, who retliated with the 'guilt-card' look. The older of the two made a displeased noise cracking under the look and gave in, leaving the room to go get the furry piece of cra-I mean Behemoth a towel. ((Naw everybody love Behemoth. Mephisto just wanted to see Amaimon's cute buttcheeks.))
Once Amaimon peeked around the door to make sure Mephisto left he threw his tie at Behemoth. Behemoth made an unpleased noise when the still wet tie smacked him in the face. Quickly, Amaimon took off his shorts and unbuttoned his shirt tossing those at poor Behemoth too. ((He's not getting like any love this fanfic)) By the time Mephisto returned Amaimon had completely changed and was sprawled out on his bed. The older demon blushed lightly and tossed the light pink towel at his brother. "Tighten your Kimono, your wearing it too loosely. You practically look naked and you were the one complaining," Mephisto grummbled pulling the kimono down a bit to cover Amaimon's exposed thigh.
Amaimon blinked and sat up scooting to the edge of the bed laying the towel out onto his lap. "Cut me some slack, Aniki. I haven't worn a kimono in a while," He said blandly patting his lap, "Unlike you I wear normal P.J.s." Behemoth hopped up into Amaimon's inviting lap finally glad to finally have some positive attention. Mephisto rolled his eyes sitting down next to his brother. "Whatever Ototo, you know where the guest room is. I have to go to bed. I have to wake up early to finish some paper work," The older demon informed Amaimon crawling behind him to get under his purple covers.
Amaimon watched his brother rubbing Behemoth with the towel drying him off. "Actually," Amaimon paused looking at Mephisto, "Can I sleep with you? It's still thundering and.." Mephisto got comfortable looking back at Amaimon. "....Fine go shut off the lights first." Amaimon smiled blandly and carefully placed Behemoth on the bed and ran over to the light switch. Behemoth shimmied ((Heheheh... SHIEMMIED >DD)) out of the towel kicking it to the floor and curling up on the end of the bed. Once the lights were off Amaimon tightened his kimono and walked back and climbed into bed with Mephisto and Behemoth.
Mephisto and Amaimon shifted a bit until they were both comfortable in the large bed together almost acidentally kicking Behemoth at the end of it a couple of times. Mephisto smiled slightly looking down at Amaimon who had choosen to snuggle up against his chest. Wrapping his arms lovingly and carefully around his little brother he checked to see if he was asleep yet. His eyes were closed and his breathing was at a steady pace. So, assuming he was asleep, he shifted his foot up and then jerked it forward hitting Behemoth square in the back sending the poor creature flying to the floor. Enjoying his new foot room, Mephisto burried his face in Amaimon's hair joining him in slumber land.
I don't know if it has proper spelling or grammar... at all. D ; This is for my friend to read so please don't bash! If you do end up reading it and like it... Leave a comment if you want. I just don't want hateful stuff. Thanks.

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